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After5 Specials For the General Public

What is

After5® Specials is a Restaurant, bar and entertainment portal for free Public Access to quickly find food, drink and entertainment offerings by region by day.

Why do we need After5®

Before After5® Specials users would either go to a bar or restaurant they knew or they would spend time searching internet websites, reading through local entertainment magazines and reviewing restaurant listing websites (like Yelp, OpenTable and Google). It was impossible to easily compare a comprehensive listing of the specials and entertainment offerings for the local bars and restaurants. Most listing services list the restaurants and provide category and review information (e.g., maybe a lengthy explanation of a bad experience with a waitress) but in order to get more information about the offers and specials they would have to click on each restaurant's website. With After5® Specials all the interesting specials are listed in one easy to read listing allowing users to quickly zone in on their consumption destination.

How does it work? the consumption/entertainment seeker simply uses the search bar, located at the top of the web page, choosing their state, region, and weekday (defaulted to the current day of the week) then pressing the “Find Specials” button. The result is a list of all establishment’s food, drink, and entertainment specials for that day allowing the user to quickly scroll through the specials in their area and zero in on the one what interests them. Users can create their own profiles where they define their regions of interest, identify notification settings and certain keywords, which will automatically notify them when new specials are posted that meet their search profile criteria. They can also indicate if they are interested in any restaurant jobs and attach related information (e.g., resume, years experience, etc.) and be made available only to participating restaurants looking for new employees.

What can I expect next?

After5 Specials recently added a coupon feature for the restaurants. We are soon to have the ability for people to search bands and other special events.

After5® Specials For Restaurants

What is

A simpler low cost way to advertise and promote your specialties, whether it is dinner/food specials, your unique way of preparing food, drink specials, happy hour specials or entertainment. Our patented technology allows you to post weekly recurring specials as well as nightly dinner specials, updating daily, if needed. As users create profiles and indicate they want to be notified about some local specials, when a restaurant posts specials that meet users profiles, they are notified via text or email. Restaurants can also see the aggregate data of what users in their area are looking for.

Why do restaurants need

Restaurants have a number of challenges when trying to attract new customers. Options include:
  • Newspaper and Magazine Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Coupon mailers
  • Online advertising with Facebook and Twitter and other social media
  • Online advertising with Yelp, OpenTable, GrubHub etc.
  • Word of mouth and local promotions
The first 3 items are targeting the local market and may not reach a large portion of the population, especially those that get their information from online resources. Facebook and twitter methods are good, but only reach the users that have already identified your restaurant as a good place to follow, but it does not reach beyond your followers. Online services like Yelp, OpenTable and GrubHub are expensive forms of advertising and only provide a listing of restaurants by category and do not provide any way for the restaurant to experiment with daily specials to see which elicit better responses, nor do they accommodate any entertainment or special offerings. After5 Specials addresses the immediate needs of users that are not necessarily locals, those that are familiar with using their phone for everything and want an easy way to find the best specials in a particular area.

How does it work?

Restaurants can register at to get a username and password. This allows them to set up their profile, define the recurring weekly specials and have access to update thier specials as often as they want.

How do we know if it is working?

After5 Specials includes links to the restaurant website, directions, phone, email and all social media links, but most users will simply read the listing of specials for a day for a region. Monthly, After5Specials makes statistics available to registered restaurants so they can see the activity by area by day. Restaurants can create an online coupon that has the After5Specials logo and the restaurant logo, which is one way to track the customers coming from After5Specials. After5Specials is currently developing a new loyalty program to allow a better connection between potential customers and restaurants. Stay tuned for that!

After5 Specials For Musicians, Entertainers and Promoters

What is

After5 Specials is a Restaurant, bar and entertainment portal for free Public Access to quickly find food, drink and entertainment offerings by region by day. People looking for entertainment can sort by town and day to see what entertainment is happening locally.

Why do we need

Before After5 Specials users would either go to various listings or individual websites to find out what entertainment is happening and where. After5Specials centralizes the information and simplifies the searching.

How does it work?

Entertainment Coordinators, agents or bar/restaurant owners register at and then they can create band/entertainer profiles and post dates booked linking to a location. These entertainment dates will appear with the restaurant specials.

Plans Tonight? No Worries.

After5 Specials and GoodBitesNow provide daily food, beverage and entertainment specials all in one place. Making plans with friends & Family has never been easier.

The most efficient way for restaurant and bar owners to get their Food, Drink and Entertainment specials to the people.
It's always 5:00 somewhere!

Find your Consumption Destination!

After5 Specials and GoodBitesNow are online portals for the public to find restaurant and bar specials by location by day. This comprehensive listing of food, drink and entertainment specials makes it faster to view the available deals for each day and zero in on your Consumption Destination. Just pick an area (eg., Asbury Park), select a day (e.g, Friday) and then view the available options. It couldn’t be any easier. Hot links inside the listing initiate driving directions automatically or dial the restaurant to make a reservation.

Fun seekers no longer have to search the internet and read each website looking for the best place to go. Just like travelers don't go to each and every airline and hotel website to find the best deals, After5 is a central portal for food, drink and entertainment special offerings.

Restaurant Owners

Restaurants can set up their standard weekly specials for each day AND they can post each day's dinner and entertainment specials. Restaurants can update their specials weekly or as often as they want, and it is as easy as typing an email. If Tuesday is a slow day, change up the specials and see what happens. Are your specials falling flat, mix it up and see what happens.

Get Started today!

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